Research Equipment

The effectiveness and the stability of skincare product lies at the heart of precise and advanced laboratory equipment. The standard skincare product developing process consists of active ingredients pre-screening, development of formulation and product examination for ensurance of its effectiveness, quality and stability. For discovery of each property, Meiying Biomedical sets every active ingredient to the standard examination ingredient by ingredient for the evaluation of its antioxidant ability, whitening ability, etc and follow by the formula production step by step for pursuing the extraordinary skinfeel, absorption and the benefit of skincare product. Various equipment are apllied in the whole research procedure for the efficency of product development. For instance, the viscosmeter was used to analyze the viscosity and properity of lotion, serum and gel and centrifuge was applied to analyze the initial stability of lotion and the separation of active compound. As for spectrometer is aim to the analyze the activity of anti-oxidant compound, inhibition of tyrosinase test and other bio-analysis. For the stability was examined by oven and microscope to predict the aging level of skincare products.