About Us

Meiying Biomedical Co., LTD, a professional skincare product producer with the specialized technology and advanced facility aiming at producing various skincare products with brand new idea to meet the demand of every skin type. With the passion and conviction in the invention of every skincare product, all the products produced by Meiying Biomedical Co., Ltd. are basing on operational principles, stability of active compound and the continuous experiment. Besides, the merchandises of Meiying Biomedical Co., Ltd are always produced and innovated to meet the requirement of our customer under the constant research and development. For the quality and safety, we established our laboratory to develop new formulation under strict analysis process and product analysis to fulfill our expectation for providing a complete product and service to the worldwide customers. We are always changing the direction to look for outstanding and innovatory in order to cope with modern changeable environment since establishment and alwalys insisting on our principles of continuous research, development and technology priority as our core value for the invention of fast, safe and elegant skincare product. The safety and comfortable texture of our products is our priority and it is our intention to work for customers'satisfaction and convey the correct skincare information, bring a more accurate skincare concept for every user. 

Delivering Happiness

In the belief of Meiying Biomedical product development, skincare product is always a product with passion and happiness. When you experienced the skincare products, even if you did not talk to the formulator directly, you can almost feel the joy and conviction he wanted to share. For pursuing the belief of the good quality skincare products, Meiying Biomedical laboratory combine biotechnology, cosmetic technology and also well-selected active ingredients with continuous trial, adjustment and combination of small molecular biological techniques, makes the active ingredients in skincare products can be effectively absorbed and stable to meet the demand of every customer.

Insistence and Conviction

Our conviction at Meiying Biomedical Co., Ltd is to provide innovative formulation and stabilization of active raw materials to the skincare products. As a manufacturer of high quality and performance products, we strive to select the high quality and active ingredients without sensitive to the skin around the world to exceed the development and meet the demands of our customers. Meiying Biomedical Co., Ltd insist on creating new formulation from the ingredients to the formulation and production with well examination, bring every user to experience a brand new sensation.