Quality Assurance


Professional Researh

Active ingredient is the heart of  every skincare product and it possess its unique property.  For pursuit of the optimal active ingredients  applied in every formulation, Creerfair Biomedical Co., Ltd test all the ingredients initially for its natural property and analyzed by the equipment to select  the optimal ones  with continuous trial and adjustment for pursuing the high efficient and mild combination of every skincare product.

Quality Procedure

For the invention and quality assurance, Creerfair Biomedical Co., Ltd set up the laboratory for assurance of every skincare product from  professional invention, good  quality production and quality assurance to meet the demand of every customer. Every active ingredient is analyzed and tested to set up the data base by its trait and function in Creerfair Biomedical laboratory. For assurance the effectiveness of each product, various trial and adjustment were conducted under precise equipment from design, formulation development to production and follow by a complete quality management system  with  professional experience, knowledge and advanced scientific examining instruments for assurance the stability and safety of each product, sharing a reliable and elegant product for every customer.