How To Protect Your Skin After Sunburn?

We may have these experiences that we found the skin appear redness, swelling and even blisters after play a whole day in the beach or countryside. That is the signal of sunburn from our skin. A proper skincare treatment can soothe your skin and maintain your skin healthy after sunburn.

1.When engaging in outdoor activities, the water will automatically lose from our body. Drink more water can maintain normal metabolic cycle of our body.

2.Due to redness of skin after sun explosure, you can use a soothing moisturizing gel for 15-20 minutes to soothe your skin.

3.Use a lotion with soothing ingredients, then use a fresh gel cream or moisturizing cream to help repairing your skin.

4.If the skin appear peeling and blisters, do not peel and break it in case of bacterial infection. Our skin will metabolic newborn it about one week naturally.

5.If your skin get sunburn, please use physical sun protection measures such as umbrella, hat when you attending outdoor activities to prevent get sunburn again.