How To Use Sunblocks In Summer?

Sun protection is the most concern subject for everyone in the summer. Attending a fantastic outdoor activities with your best friends in summer can be said is the best summer memories for everyone. But, we may often overlook the correct information of sun protection while we are playing in summer.

1.The high sun protection factor does not mean that you do not have to re-apply it because the effect of sunscreen will gradually loss due to the sweat and secretion of oil when attending outdoor activities. It is recommended to re-apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours when attending outdoor activities

2.Use a insufficient amount of sunscreen product can’t effectively block the. ultraviolet rays. The recommendation amount of sunscreen is like a coin. In addition, you can use a physical sun protection measures such as hats, parasols to improve the efficiency of sun protection.

3.Try to choose the content of sunscreen is simple to get best sun protection and remember to use a makeup remover product to completely remove the sunscreen.

4.If your skin appears dry, sensitive after outdoor activities, you can use a skincare products containing both soothing and moisturizing effect to repair your skin.

5.Remember to wear a sunscreen when you take a part in outdoor activities or sports, it can help you to prevent from photoaging causing by ultraviolet rays.