Skin Moisturizing Skills In Summer

When speaking of summer, many interesting outdoor activities were held frequently. But, the secretion of our sebaceous glands is increasing with the temperature. Therefore, keeping a correct usage of moisturizer in summer is a good way to maintain your skin hydrated and supple.

1.Forthe combination skin type, you can use oil control lotion in the T-zone to control the oily problem in summer and use hydrating lotion in the cheeks to help conditioning and moisturizing the skin after cleansing. Then, use a hydrating serum to strengthen the moisturizing effect. Remember to use the fresh emulsions to prevent water loss from your skin. If you feel too oily to use the emulsions in the T-zone, you can use gel cream. For the special treatment, it was recommended to use the deep cleansing masque in the T-zone and moisturizing mask to enhance moisture in the cheeks.

2.Although dry skin will not feel too dry in summer, a good moisturizing procedure should also be done in summer. You can use a moisturizing lotion to condition the skin after cleansing and use a hydrating serums to give you a burst of hydration. Finally, use a light gel cream or cream to provide moisturizing and nourishing effect for the skin. Some tips for the office girls, you can use moisturizing lotion and follow by a small amount of emulsion to prevent the water loss from your skin. If you want have a special treatment, you can use a moisturizing mask once a week to keep your skin supple.

3.If you have oily problems in summer, you can use oil control lotion after cleansing to inhibit the over secretion of oil. But, remember to use a light weight moisturizing emulsion or gel cream to maintain the balance of oil and water. Besides, you can use deep cleaning mud mask or exfoliating gel to help cleaning the pores and remove dead skin cells to prevent pimples once a week.