How To Clean Your Face Efficiently?  

Due to the air pollution and improper cleansing will leave the sebum and makeup residue on the skin, causing acidification, dullness andpores. Therefore, a proper cleansing method is the first step in the skincare process.
1. Please use makeup remover products to gently remove the makeup or sunscreen products and follow up by using a gentle cleanser thenwash with water thoroughly.
2. Please use the warm water 32~34
which can be easier to clean dirt from the skin. However, do not use the water temperature exceed35 which will cause the skin spot and dullness due to theexcessive cleansing.
3. Please work the cleansing into a foam with water in the palm of hand and gently massage by the bubbles to remove the dirt and dead skin cells. Please do not directly apply the cleansing product on the skin in case of skin damage.